Alaram ,Monitering And Response

Alarm Monitoring & Response

A 24-hour remote monitoring and guard or collaborated law-enforcement response service is deployed based on security alarm system including fully computerized GPS/GPRS monitoring technology)/Passive Infra Red (PIR) Indoor or Outdoor Detectors/Magnetic Door Guards/ Fixed or Mobile Panic Buttons /Indoor or Outdoor Sirens/Strobe Lights, etc installed at client’s location and linked to Prudential Guards Limited control room facility.

Why Golden Shield Services?

Fast – when it counts

When faced with an emergency, a sense of wellbeing comes from having a sound security service at your finger tips and an on-demand professional patrol response. With an average incident response time of less than 10 minutes within Auckland, immediate assistance is at the ready to prevent further damage or theft following a break-in.

Smart and convenient

Matrix Security services are fully integrated. Alongside our mobile and security guard patrols, we’ll install, monitor and service your alarm using the latest advice on smart analytics and app-based automation. Our up-to-date systems can provide remote home access via your laptop or smartphone, and email reports for full transparency.

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