Perimeter And Premise Security Solutions

Perimeter Security

Basic alarms and detection systems are great when it comes to detecting a break-in, but preventing an intrusion before the actual break-in and damage incurred to the property is even better. This is where the real advantage of perimeter security comes into play. With proper perimeter security, one can lay down ‘levels of defense’ around their property which cannot only detect intrusions butalso able to help prevent break-ins. Setting up these ‘levels of defense’ serves a dual purpose – a perfect counter mechanism to curb the attempts of thieves, and give ample time to both the owner and nearby residents(in personal properties) and security officials (in commercial and military installations) to take appropriate action.

The main features of perimeter security offered by Golden Shield are as follows:

  • Minimal installation cost and time
  • Intrusion detection without any damage to property
  • Compact design
  • Reduced number of false alarms thanks to the pet immunity feature
  • Flexible detection area
  • Complete compatibility with any existing security devices installed at the premises

Our Services:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Electric/Laser fences.These fences have the ability to pinpoint perimeter disturbances, thus making it quicker for the occupants to be alerted to where a potential intrusion is taking place.
  • Buried cable detection systems which provide covert perimeter security, detecting the exact location of intruders.
  • Closed-loop systems which have vibration sensor cables installed at high and low levels on a perimeter fence.
  • CCTV to oversee the perimeter.
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Loitering detection
  • Area Masking
  • Quad beam detector

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